Nova Fire Protection, Inc.
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Nova Fire Protection is a licensed professional fire sprinkler contractor offering a wide range of services to General Contractors, Management Companies, and Private Homeowners. With over 20 years of experience in Illinois, we have the capacity to take on projects of any size, scope, and application.

Fire Sprinklers


  •   Design-Build Sprinkler Systems
  •   Sprinkler System Retrofits
  •   Sprinkler Head Relocation


 Testing & Inspection
  •   Fire Pump Testing
  •   Annual Inspection


  •   CAD Design of Sprinkler Systems


  •   24-Hour Emergency Service
  •   Broken or Frozen Pipe Repair


Fire Alarms


  •   Fire Alarm Systems & Panels 
  •   Smoke Detection
  •   Horn/Strobe Notification
  •   Elevator Recall Systems


 Testing & Inspection
  • Alarm Testing   
  • Annual Inspection


  • CAD Design of Alarm Systems


Chicago Fire Sprinklers Protecting Lives and Property
Fire is one of nature’s most formidable forces of destruction. Accidental fires are responsible for countless deaths and millions of dollars in property loss each year. Fire sprinkler systems are designed to provide constant protection against building fires, so that lives are saved, and property is protected. Nova Fire Protection takes pride in making buildings safer through the installation of professional fire sprinkler systems in Chicago.

Nova Fire Protection, Inc.
Nova Fire Protection, Inc.
Nova Fire Protection, Inc.

Nova Fire Protection, Inc